7 reasons we’re addicted to HQ Trivia

Tom Falco
2 min readFeb 4, 2018


Scott Rogowsky, the HQ host with the Avocado Toast.

Each day, at 3 pm (M-F) and 9 pm eastern (7 days a week), Scott Rogowsky hosts the HQ Trivia game on cell phones all around the world. HQ is an app. The game is played live.

There are 12 questions and the goal is to complete all 12 questions, getting every answer right and winning the game. The winner shares the pot with the other winners, sometimes there are hundreds winning, whittled down from over 1 million players playing all live, all at once!

The pot is usually $2500, but it’s been up to $18,000 and will be $20,000 on Super Bowl Sunday night! It’s a new phenomena that has people stopping work, school and everything else at game times.

Here are the 7 reasons why we (the world-wide HQties crowd) are addicted to HQ Trivia.

  1. Scott Rogowsky — HQ Trivia is Scott Rogowsky, the Host with the Challah Toast. Quiz Khalifa, Quizzie McGuire, the Quiz Daddy. Without Scott hosting, why bother. Scott is a friend in our heads.
  2. Scott is funny, you don’t even have to play the game, it’s a 15 minute pun-fest. He calls us, his fans, HQties.
  3. It is only 15 minutes, so it’s a quick boost to your day at 3 and 9 pm eastern time.
  4. You learn things. The questions get harder and harder and while having fun playing, you are learning new things.
  5. It’s fun to see the numbers go up — HQ has had up to 1.6 million players at one time.
  6. HQ is live — everyone is stopping what they are doing at the same time twice a day and playing the game. In this day of on demand media and entertainment, this is here and now. You miss it, you miss it. But there is always another game just a few hours away.
  7. And it all boils down to this — The best part — you win free money! Even if you win $3, it’s exciting and a badge of honor!

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