NYCC panel discusses NYC in their current projects

Adina Verson, Dana Covarrubias, Emily Gunshor, Lisa Myers, Sarah Wormsbecher and Brian Kubovcik

2022'd New York Comic Con came and went. It was a full, exciting four days; fans enjoyed an in-person conversation with a group of talented theater creatives behind popular projects like “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” “Only Murders in the Building,” “Bros,” “DMZ,” and more in Impact24 PR’s Designing New York for Film and TV panel.

Moderated by actor Adina Verson (“Only Murders in the Building”), the panel featured Dana Covarrubias (Costume Designer; Only Murders in the Building), Sarah Wormsbecher (VFX Executive Producer at FOLKS; Spider-Man: No Way Home), Lisa Myers (Production Designer; Bros), Brian Kubovcik (Head of Studio/Sr. VFX Supervisor at FuseFX Atlanta; DMZ; Pose), and Emily Gunshor (Costume Designer; 13: The Musical; Halloween Ends).

Each panelist explained into their latest work and what it’s like to bring NYC to the screen.

Dana Covarrubias began with a look into the costumes of “Only Murders in the Building,” which earned her an Emmy nomination earlier this year. “The city itself was a huge inspiration for the costume design of the show; we wanted to use the show to uplift and make people love New York again and come back here,” she said.

Sarah Wormsbecher discussed the visual effects of Spider-Man: No Way Home. “My first job on the project was to sit with Marvel and talk about the sequences. Because it is such a huge production, you often have multiple vendors so organization is key,” she said.

On the same VFX topic, Brian Kubovcik talked about his experience bringing the 1980s NYC culture to the highly-acclaimed series, “Pose.” “The authenticity of Pose really came from the actual actors in the show. VFX comes in and picks up what they cannot accomplish practically in camera.”

Still speaking on NYC culture, Lisa Myers talked about how it influenced her work in the hit new film, “Bros.” She said, “We always say New York plays a part in the movie, as New York is such an impactful place. As members of the LGBTQ community it was important for us to show diverse parts of New York, because I wanted to represent as many people as I could.”

Emily Gunshor then gave the audience insight into how she used costumes to show the New York styles for “13: The Musical.” “It was really important in 13 for us to come up with a clear way to show the difference between New York and Indiana, so we picked a color palette for New York that was very dark and autumnal,” Emily explained.

The conversation shifted to diving deeper into the projects of the panelists, including the iconic scene from “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” “I was so excited to work on that particular scene [where the three Spider-Men meet]; It’s one of the highlights of my career,” said Sarah Wormsbecher.

New York Comic Con attendees left the panel with an insight into the entertainment industry and how they make New York City come to life onscreen.



Tom, along with being a cartoonist, writes about art, history and culture.

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Tom Falco

Tom, along with being a cartoonist, writes about art, history and culture.