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2 min readJan 29, 2024
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This cartoon makes me laugh whenever I see it. It just really makes me LOL.

I know “Hugh” is pronounced with the “Hush” sound, but it seems to work here.

I redid it, adding “Em” to the group, as a reader suggested that. I also seemed to have left out Mr. T and CeCe. I guess it’s turned into a word game, which I like. And one person in a comment said, “Casey” which is KC, which I like.

I was watching tv one day and the guy says his name is Jay. And thought does he mean the letter J. like people use or does he mean Jay, the actual name. I thought to myself, “It’s confusing when people are named after letters,” and of course that how that came to this cartoon.

I started thinking of the alphabet and the various names that sound like letters and one thing lead to another.

Another way of doing this could have been the actual letters in a bar and have the letters say, “Hello D, hello, B, etc. But I don’t usually like doing inanimate object cartoons and I think it works well the way it is now.

On Reddit, I got lots of comments, many nasty. Apparently people don’t know Bea is pronounced BEE and Hugh is mispronounced U, but that seems to be a U.S. thing, because the cartoon was put down for being “an American thing.”

Other rude people on Reddit didn’t like the drawing style or that it was one panel. And apparently, this gag has something to do with Men in Black, which I’ve never seen.

Some comments from Reddit:

“It’s a shitty premise being in a shitty exposition box, but then it goes and gets greedy with Hugh.” I’m not sure what an exposition box is, maybe a single panel.

“Hugh has a brother, Double Hugh.”
“Nah, his twin brother would be UE.”
“Hugh is a stretch but passable.”
“What about multiple letter names like Petey and Emilee?”
“I suppose Elle is pronounced L?”
“My friend Ivy is named after two letters?”

And it goes on and on. But people seem to be very hung up on “Hugh” being “U.”

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